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Swim Squads

We run three weekly swim squads at different locations: Cally Pool, Brixton Rec, and Bushey grove LC. Each consists of one coached pool session by Zayd and two swim sets provided for you to complete within your own time each week. Our swimming programs are designed to cater to different needs and goals. Whether you are training for a Triathlon or open water race, want to improve your technique and fitness, or simply just enjoy squad training, we have the perfect swim squad for you. Our squads are limited in space to maintain focus on each individuals technique and progression whilst still benefitting from a team environment with friendly competition, with optional swims races / short triathlons to complete as a team throughout the year. We include progressive drills made relevant to each individual, intense swim sessions, and weekly sets to maintain progression. In each swim squad you will meet likeminded people and may even make good friends with the other members, each has its own WhatsApp group that you can join where you can ask any questions and keep in touch with us and the other members! Join us today and take your swimming skills to the next level!

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