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Swimming in Bikini

Mantis Coaching

Triathlon/Ironman Swim Coaching

We train you to swim faster and more efficiently over any distance.

We teach you the meaning of swimming with a streamlined stroke and how to apply it to your discipline.

Working with a range of abilities, from first time triathletes, to seasoned pros looking for those marginal gains.

Our Methods

Our methods work primarily on establishing your weaknesses within the water and turning them into strengths.

Within the first trial session, we can establish your ability and the areas that need to be improved. We also introduce you to new ways to look at your training within the pool.


We teach you the meaning of swimming with a streamlined stroke and how to apply it to your discipline.

We will aim to see you once a week and set swim sessions for you to swim in your own time depending on your goals.

We have consistent results from all our athletes achieving massive Personal Bests within triathlon, open water, and pool racing.


With some triathletes turning their swimming from their worst to their best discipline. 


Learning to Swim

The primary focus of the lessons will be to grow your confidence by teaching you front crawl, breaststroke, and how to tread water. We also can teach you; Backstroke, the butterfly, tumble turns, and underwater swimming. 

Once you go through the process of learning that will be it! For the rest of your life, you will be able to swim and enjoy those holidays, even more, when you're not stuck on the boat.


We understand that for a lot of you this is a completely new experience, you will be creating movements with your body within the water that is alien to you. This is a process that moves at your pace and staying consistent through the weeks and months will get you results.  

For the best results, we recommend you get in the water at least twice a week, once with us and once on your own to make the most out of the sessions. Granted this isn't possible for everyone and can still achieve your goals with one session a week.

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