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Online Swim Coaching

  • Swim Ready

    Every month
    Sutible for Ironman, Open water Swimmers, Massive swim focus
    • Free Assessment Session
    • 1-2-1 Session Each Month (worth £65)
    • Core and Dry Training Routine
    • Stretching Routine
    • Daily Contact and Support
    • Up to 3 swim sessions sent weekly depending on your goals

We do not offer generic swim plans, all our plans are based around the individual where a 1-2-1 session each month is necessary for your development in the water.

On A swim ready plan we initially start with a free assessment session at a pool convenient for yourself.

This session is a requirement so we can focus on what's best for your swimming.

We will teach you certain drills, take times for specific sets and show you how the sessions will be structured. Constant support will be provided throughout the month. 


Every month we will meet for our 1-2-1 session which is included in the monthly payment. 

These sessions will be to track your stroke to make sure you can focus on the right habits instead of just swimming lengths. 

Each plan is entirely based on your current ability which is formatted for maximum improvement.  


We will also provide stretching and core routines in the monthly cost to further accelerate your swim improvement. 

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